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Dental Implants & General questions


Dental implants are one of the most requested procedures in this days, In many scientific reports theres a conclusion than at least 60% of people over 30 years have lost at least one tooth or more. The best option to solve that situation and stop the bone reabsoption process when a tooth is extracted is a Dental Implant.


Dental implats were discovered by Dr. Branemark (Sweden) in 1952.


Actually Dental Implants is one of the most requested procedures at Dr. Alonso office in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic but what are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium screw made with different grades of titanium, commonly Medical Class I to V that is placed into your mouth in conjunction with an implant crown.
Dental Implants are actually more tooth-saving than traditional bridges, since implants doesn’t require to have support from other teeth, keeping the integrity of the teeth on either side. And is an ideal option for people in good general oral health who lost a tooth or teeth due to injury, periodontal diseases, fractures or some other reasons.
An the initial consultation Dr. Alonso will perform a Clinical and radiological examination, in some cases CT-Scan, blood tests and taking impressions of the mouth to create a surgical guide for the surgery.


Surgery placement is performed under local anesthesia without requiring the patient it is asleep as in cases of general anesthesia. Under certain conditions this and other oral surgeries may be performed with oral or IV sedation.

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    Implant Crown

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    Cosmetic Porcelain Crown

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    CAD/CAM Implant Crown Design

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    Implant Abutment

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    Implant and Abutment

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    Implant Crown


General questions about dental implants

How can i know if i am a dental implant candidate?

There is no age limits for this procedure, once a tooth or teeth are missing, you can have a dental implant. A basic evaluation of the maxillar and mandibular bone and the periodontal tissues will be performed at your initial consultation and it will determine whick kind of implant surgery will fit your specific needs.


Im Diabetic, can i have dental implants too?

The Diabetes condition doesnt determine if you can or not have a dental implant, the only one disadvantage on this condition is that patients will last some more days to heal the incision that is needed to place the implant into the bone and will need also to have specific dental checkups as diabetic patients suffer frequently from periodontitis.


What is needed for a dental implant procedure?

For dental implants surgery we usually need a Panoramic X-ray, Periapical X-rays and a blood tests, and in some cases a CT-Scan. On a regular basis, all this can be done in less than 1 day. If you have any health condition you only need to have that condition controlled and authorization from your doctor to have a dental implant procedure (usually for people with cardiovascular or coagulation problems).The cost of all this Preoperatory tests are less than 100 USD.


How many days i have to be in Dominican Republic to have this procedure done?

Usually 5 days are enough for the first step, the first day after the inicial consultation, impressions are taken and surgical guides created for your surgery on the next appointment. After 2 or 3 days, temporary crowns, bridges or dentures are delivered to the patient including a follow up appointment before you leave the country.


Are dental implants placed inmediately?

By American Dental Association Standards (ADA) dental implants procedure are made in two stages. Step stage, dental implant placement and a temporal prosthetic device its placed (crown or bridge) meanwhile in the "healing" process which usually lasts 3 to 6 months depending the case and patient, where the implant its fused to the bone.

The second step its the cosmetic restoration of the implant where the final implant crown, implant bridge or fixed implant retained dentures are placed into your mouth.


I have seen on tv and newspapers Inmediate dental implants, do you perform this procedure?

Inmediate dental implants its just marketing, the only inmediate that you will have in that surgery its the provisional crown, not the final.

What about the dental implant post operatory, what special care is needed, which medications i have to take?

Postoperatory its simple, theres a minor pain or disconfort as any surgery, not only dental, but in this case you only need anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic therapy for 5 days, also a medicated mouth wash. Avoid any hot foods or liquids, or hard/sticky foods.

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